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Media Services

In addition to our full suite of subscription-based audio programs, custom-made audio services and video production, Business Essentials Media Production also offers other services including media authoring, CD/DVD duplication and replication services, and media training.

Media duplication

From premastering your audio CD to packaging, assembling and cellowrapping your product, we can deliver CD and DVD projects with flexible, fast turnarounds at competitive prices. Specialising in shorter runs of 10 to 300 units, we can assist with all aspects of your CD and DVD requirements.

If you require 500 units or more, we recommend manufactured discs. This replication process takes between 7-12 working days.

300 dpi four colour offset printing is standard on all work.

Media training

Our professional team of journalists has international experience in radio and television interviewing. They will show you how to make the most of any media opportunity.

Over the past 30 years, we have helped scores of business leaders, politicians and sportspeople to prepare for any form of interview or public speaking engagement.

We provide participants with an understanding of the media and how they work from the beginning - what's news and what motivates the journalist.

We explain the importance of knowing your own agenda and planning for an interview. Control of an interview is critical - and achievable - if you understand what the journalist is trying to achieve. It's important that you provide good information in an entertaining and interesting manner. We advise you on how to do it.

Our media training sessions include:

  • How to say it - An explanation of patterns in speech which produce fluency, authority and credibility so you can connect with your audience – no matter how big.
  • TV current affairs interviews - One of our experienced journalists interviews each participant in front of lights and a television camera.
  • TV news interviews - Another round of interviews, but this time designed to produce a typical 8-second "grab" for a TV news service.
  • Radio interviews – Our studio will give you first-hand experience in dealing with radio interviews including talk back.
  • Door-stop interviews - During group sessions, we create a hypothetical crisis and demonstrate how to handle the time when the media are assembled to quiz an executive who would rather be somewhere else.