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Audio is the perfect medium right now for companies to truly engage with the market

Yet many businesses struggle to find a consistent communication strategy – one that will attract attention and keep customers or staff on-side.


  • Because it’s tough to come up with quality content
  • It’s even tougher to keep it regular and consistent

Here’s where we can help by working with you to create consistent quality audio content – like podcasting – for your target audience.

Audio communication is a form of storytelling, oral communication is as old as humankind itself. It’s a powerful way to engage with audiences, and these days podcasts make it easy to access.

  • Podcasting draws listeners in to the stories you wish to share with them
  • It engages your audience on a more intimate level than other forms of media
  • Listeners develop a personal connection with the speaker and look forward to ongoing communication
  • The on-demand nature of podcasting means listeners can tap in when and where they like, helping you to capture those segments of your audience that are time poor but not necessarily engaged enough to watch or read content.

With more than 30 years experience in sharing branded stories through audio, we can bring the human voice to your organisation to increase audience engagement.

Benefits audio can bring to your business


 Directly engage with your clients, members and prospects.


 Provide a genuine value-add to build trust with your audience.


Grow your client base by capturing listeners in new markets.


 Inform your audience about your expertise and products or services.


 Convert more people to use more of your services, more often.


Communicate with your audience at a low cost per listener.

Developing your audio strategy

The rise of podcasting and the ‘headphone generation’ is undeniable. All businesses – from media outlets to consumer brands to professional services firms – should have an audio strategy as content creation and consumption habits continue to shift.

We can assist you in planning your audio strategy which would include the following components:

  • Audience

    Who will listen to your podcast? When and how will they listen? How long do they have available to listen? What value does your podcast content provide to them? How do you want them to engage or act on the content? Above all, respect them.

  • KPIs

    What do you want to achieve from your audio strategy and podcast? What does success look like? It’s easy to focus purely on downloads so ensure your goals include a mix of quantitative and qualitative metrics.

  • Content

    Will your content be topical, evergreen or a mix of both? Will episodes form part of a series or be stand-alone? Will you produce a short series or more than 20 episodes? Podcasting provides the opportunity to give an authentic and compelling voice to your brand story.

  • Production

    Will you outsource the production so you can focus on what you’re best at or build a team to manage internally? Who will host your podcast? What sort of music will work with your intro & outro? Aim for high quality production values, using the best quality equipment you can afford.

  • Distribution

    Have you got a player embedded on your website? What platforms are you going to seed your content on? Do they provide the analytics that will allow you to measure the effectiveness of your podcasting content?

  • Amplification

    What other channels will you use to promote your podcast? What’s the role of social media and how will you leverage and communicate with your mailing list? It’s no good having an amazing podcast if no one’s listening.